Safe Ride is on Duty

Safe Ride is a designated driving service given by our very own Eastern New Mexico University students. They care for their classmates' safety by opening their schedules four days a week to pick up students and take them home if they are too intoxicated, inebriated, or are in a hostile situation and need a ride to a safer area.

“It is 100 percent confidential; we don’t ask for name, age, and anything like that,” said Safe Ride coordinator and driver Rebecca Quintana.

This designated driving service regularly begins every week on Thursday at 8 a.m. and runs 24 hours until midnight on Sunday.

“Rebecca will also be coordinating holiday weekends, so if it’s like a three-day weekend when we know students will be driving or drinking, we also open it up for those days as well,” said Director of Campus Life Rey Coss.

This service is completely free to ENMU students only. The student can bring one guest with them in the van as long as the ENMU student accompanies the guest. Safe Ride will go as far as a 5-mile radius outside of Portales to pick up a student in need.

Safe Ride has two phone numbers that students can call to be picked up; the first is (575) 607-9995, or the second is (575) 607-5999. If students have any questions or concerns, they can also reach Safe Ride on their Facebook platform @enmusaferide for a quick response.

Safe Ride coordinators choose their drivers very carefully. They only choose drivers who are reliable and consistent, plus from different areas of the school. For example, they have athlete drivers, Greek drivers, and students involved in other organizations on campus. Safe Ride's goal is to make sure that students feel safe with the drivers who pick them up. They want the students to grow a bond and trust with the drivers so that they feel they can always call when they need help.

Safe Ride is also looking for one more female driver this spring. If any female students are looking to help in their cause, please message them on Facebook. Let them know that you are interested, and they will call you back for an interview.

Safe Ride is still going strong even through COVID. There have been some extra precautions put in place. There are only allowed three students per van ride to promote social distancing. While entering the car, the driver will be taking temperatures, and all students must wear a face mask while sitting in the car. After every ride, the van is wiped down and cleaned to keep the next students safe.

Thank you to Safe Ride for taking care of the ENMU students by ensuring they get home safely on the weekends and after special events..

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