Registration for the summer and fall semesters has begun; two students discussed the end of the semester, registration and returning to campus.

The Spring 2021 semester at Eastern New Mexico University is just a few short weeks away from concluding, and registration for the summer and fall semesters has already begun for all students. Although registration for the classes can be done through the first week of each semester, the end of the add drop period, the university advises students to register early to secure a spot before the class fills up. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, ENMU is also planning for a full return of students and faculty to campus for the fall semester.

Marivel Galvan, a Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice, said she is feeling stressed about the second half of the current semester and is ready for it to be over. She also added that she “feels a little worried about finals, because of all of the essays” she will have to write before then.

Galvan will be returning for in-campus learning in the fall; she said she is both excited and not excited about returning. She said she feels excited, “because I feel like I will learn better in person;” she felt concerned, because she has not seen many people since the pandemic first began.

Galvan stated that she has not registered for classes yet and is still making her final decisions about what classes she wants to take. However, she added that she does want to take at least one summer class, in addition to being a full-time student in the fall. She did say that she is excited to be taking a Cognitive Psychology class, because it has more to do with what her major is.

Enrique Carrillo, a music education major with an emphasis in the instrumental track, is feeling good about this semester and is happy to have some of his classes back in person. Carrillo said that he is “pumping the breaks on this semester,” because he felt that it has gone by too fast.

Carrillo also said, “it’ll be nice to return to in person classes and get back to some kind of normal” in the fall. He doesn’t feel concerned about returning, because of the precautions that will be taken on campus. However, he did feel that it was good the school is still offering plenty of online classes for people who do not feel comfortable returning to campus yet.

He said that he has not registered for the fall or summer semesters, but he knows that his classes will be mostly education focused because he has already completed the music side of his degree plan. He added that he feels excited about taking an education in the classroom class this summer, because it will be knowledge that he will use in his future teaching career. Carrillo also mentioned that he is excited to do marching band again in the fall.

Registration for the summer and fall semesters began on April 4 and is now open for all students of any level to register for classes.

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