Tips for Staying Caught Up in All of Your Classes

This semester is different than any other we have ever had; it can be easy to get behind in your classes, or at least to feel like you are behind in your classes, because you are no longer meeting in person. Here are some tips to help you stay caught up and worry less about getting your work done on time.

1. Use a planner/organizer

Now that you are juggling completing homework in between your Zoom classes and anything else you have going on in your life, using a planner will help you feel more organized; at the start of each week, you can write all of your assignments down on their due dates that have been assigned. This includes homework, test, quizzes, reading, projects and anything else that you might have to do on your own time.

2. Work Ahead

If at all possible, try to work ahead in classes, especially on the assignments that take longer to complete. Waiting until the last minute on assignments will likely make you feel rushed and worried that you may have missed something. Starting the longer assignments early will provide you the time you need to spread them out and make sure you are pleased with what you are turning in.

3. Dedicate Your Time

Not being on campus or going to classes each day can make it feel like you are working all day long; dedicating your time and organizing your day will provide free time for you to do anything you want outside of schoolwork. You can make a schedule of each day; on the schedule start with your Zoom class times, if you are attending any live. Mark what days and how much time you will allow yourself each day to work on assignments and anything else for specific classes. Make sure to mark what time you want to start and what time you want to stop; also, allow yourself short breaks to stretch, rest the mind or do anything else you want. If possible, schedule the times to get everything done in the week, so you can have the weekend off.

4. Check Your Blackboard/ Student Email Often

Like students, the instructors are working to adapt to this new way of teaching and learning from home. Check your Blackboard class shells and student emails often each day; teachers are doing their best to get assignments up, grade everything, and keep up with all of their students, so checking in often will help you stay up on your work and keep them up on theirs.

5. Stay in Touch with Your Instructors/Classmates

Keeping in touch with your instructors and classmates is a great way to feel connected, since you are no longer seeing them in person. Contacting them is also a great way to keep up in class; your classmates will also know what is going on in the class, so they can help you figure out if you’re missing something. If your classmates don’t know, then your instructors do; instructors enjoy hearing from their students and are happy to assist with anything that they can.

I hope these tips have can be helpful in keeping you up to date on what is happening in your classes. Check back soon for more tips from other members of The Chase’s writing staff.

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