New York based comedian Ian Lara performed a virtual comedy routine for students on Zoom on Feb. 17

Lara’s standup routine focused on relationships and dating in the age of technology, what it’s like being from New York, and pressures he deals with from his family. He also interacted with students and did standup bits based on things they said and the information they provided.

He started his comedy routine by talking about how his career has changed in the past year because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He explained that he went from traveling around the country performing in comedy clubs to being hired by companies and universities to perform from home; however, he said, “[we] have to be grateful for this,” because we are all here experiencing all that is going on at the moment.

At the start of the pandemic, Lara hoped for a “quick vaccine” so that “we could hate each other in person” again. He also joked about all of the conspiracy theories that have been spread about the virus and said that “we haven’t decided” what to tell future generations about all that happened in 2020.

He also mentioned his dating life; Lara and his girlfriend broke up on March 13, 2020, two days before the governor of New York shut the state down due to COVID-19. He also said that he “likes to take women out,” but feels like he is still the only one that does it. He joked that dating is tougher due to new technology, because he has to video chat with whomever he is dating while they are apart.

During the comedy routine, he also discussed how people say comedians must always attract women because they claim to like funny guys; he said that this is not true, because he is only funny in the beginning but “gets annoying” after a while.

Lara does not consider himself a “naive millennial,” when it comes to older generations’ questioning why young people act differently than they did; he added that he responds by saying they raised this generation to be like this.

He also discussed his “regular American family,” where he has some successful relatives and other who argue with people on Facebook. He also talked about his aunt who “gets processed” by a demon and tells people what she thinks; however, he is pretty sure that she is faking it.

Lara also joked about New Yorkers seeming rude to people who visit the city, but how they have actually just become adjusted to constantly dealing with the weird people they encounter around the city. He also did a bit about the high price of living in New York City, and how shocked New Yorkers are when they see large houses they could rent elsewhere for the same size as the small apartments they have in the city.

He has gained national attention by appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a clip from which he showed at the end of his routine, and on Comedy Central. He currently has a comedy special streaming on HBO Max called “LA Meets NY.” He can be found on social media under the username “ianlaralive” and on his website with the same name.

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