Trick or Treat, that Looks Neat

October is right around corner, and many people couldn’t be more eager for the cooler weather and ominous nights that are tied to the eerie month. Costumes, candy, scary movies, and bonfire stories galore! October just seems to have people’s creative juices flowing even from an artist approach. Back in October of 2016, I was introduced to the fun artist drawing challenge known as Inktober.

Inktober was created back in 2009 by well-known illustration/cartoon artist Jake Parker. Parker created this month-long inking challenge to better his skills and help him develop positive drawing habits. Since then Inktober has growing into a world-wide phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of people taking part in the event each year. The popularity of this ever-growing drawing challenge has help countless artist form consistent drawing habits and boosted their overall creativity.

The rules to Inktober are very simple:

1. Make a drawing in ink each day for the 31 days of October.

2. Post your drawing daily to your social media platforms.

3. Remember to use hashtag #inktober2020, so everyone can see your artwork.

There is an official Inktober prompt list that is assigned to each day of the month to help you get inspiration for what you can draw for that day. If it is too challenging to draw every day, try doing one every other day or even one per week, whichever route you decide to take that is totally fine and up to you. The main thing is to have fun with the challenge and share your artwork with other people around the world.

This will be my fifth-year partaking in this fun and engaging art challenge and would like to extent the challenge to our readers here at The Chase. Throughout the month of October, I will be sharing my artwork here on The Chase website and would like for you to do the same. Please send us all your Inktober artwork to be featured on our site all month long. It will be a treat to see all the different and creative art styles our readers contribute to this year’s Inktober.

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