Trivia Stream - The Virtual Game Show

Eastern New Mexico University gave students the opportunity to play on a virtual reality show, giving students the chance to win gift cards.

The virtual reality show was called Game Show to Go, hosted by Gus Davis. There were four rounds in this trivia stream led by Davis, who asks the students questions from random topics. There were questions about movies, history, science, and more. With Davis also chiming in with entertaining comments making the show even better, many students could not stop laughing throughout the show.

There were four rounds with five winners. When Davis asked a question, the timer started at 10,000 points. The faster the students answered, the more points they could gain. If the student got the question wrong, the points they stopped at went against them and took away from their current points. The student with the most points by the end of the round won. The student with the most points within all four rounds won overall, making five chances to win.

When the round ended, there was a five minute break in between where a different guest performed. There was singing, magic tricks and stories to inspire and motivate students through the social distancing pandemic. For the magic card trick each time he shuffled the cards, the words to his motivational quotes displayed perfectly.

There are steps students do need to take to be a part of the Trivia gameshow. Students first need to register before the game show; they will then receive an email with a link attached. Students then need to click on the link where it will take them to a gamer’s website called Twitch. Students need to log in with their Eastern New Mexico University email address. This is extremely important because if a student wins, this is the email their prize money will be sent to. Once the students sign in with their email, the next step will be to either log in to their Twitch accounts or create one. Then students are ready to play.

The Game Show to Go was created by four people whose goal in creating this virtual show was to keep students active and positive during the stay-at-home COVID-19 pandemic. There is Kim Johnson, the Trivia Writer, Brett Hornsby, the Chat Moderator and College Sales Rep, James Caldwell, the game’s Technical Director, and C.J. Johnson, who is the Producer and Chat Host. To follow The Game Show to Go, students can visit their website at

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