Trump Base to Legally Challenge Standing Vote Count

After failing to accrue electoral votes, the Trump Campaign attempts to change the results.

In the wake of Joe Biden’s electoral victory after several days of counting ballots, Donald Trump and his supporters have mobilized lawsuits in order to retroactively overturn the vote count.

The lawsuits were focused on strategic areas vital to the campaign, namely Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. These suits were instigated after Attorney General William Barr authorized prosecutors across the United States to investigate “substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities,” an ability not previously afforded due to Justice Department policy.

Ten state attorneys and Trump’s legal team filed a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court to challenge the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to allow an additional three days for the reception of mail-in ballots. This was decided upon in September amidst concerns that the Postal Service, which was removing sorting machines from various locations across the United States, would be able to deliver mail-in ballots in a timely manner. According to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmit, this extension “overstepped their bounds and encroached on the legislature’s authority.”

Additional efforts from the Trump campaign include a suit in federal court claiming Pennsylvania’s count was illegitimate due to mail-in ballots and in person votes being counted through different means. The legal theory behind this suit would render mail-in votes invalid nationwide, indicating poor chances of the lawsuit succeeding.

Efforts in other states are focused on potential voter fraud and manipulation currently only upheld with anecdotal evidence. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Arizona and submitted the affidavit of a poll watcher who says he witnessed 40 instances in which a poll worker had submitted a vote on behalf of a voter and 80 instances of voters being given misleading information about the potential of their vote being rejected. No evidence of these claims has yet been presented, and with Biden leading in Arizona by over 17,000 votes, it is unlikely this will impact the electoral results of the state.

On social media, Trump has refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory in the electoral race and continues to claim ‘we will win’ to his followers.

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