Which Job Search Platform is Right for You?

Whether you’re a freshman navigating your first college semester, or a senior nearing graduation, it is always a good move to be active in your future job search.

In the age of the internet, there are endless amounts of job search options available. But there are two prevalent platforms that are popular among college students: Handshake and LinkedIn. Which one is right for you?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that was founded in 2002. It offers virtual networking to its members and allows them to make connections with potential employers, colleagues, and others in their career field or field of interest. The platform offers an easy way to search for jobs and internships. Some businesses even allow users to apply for openings with their LinkedIn profile alone, although this is not a guarantee for every job opening found through the platform.

LinkedIn provides a place where college students can begin to build their profile, make connections and look for job openings and opportunities, but it also allows for plenty of upward growth as well, as it is not only for college students. LinkedIn is for professionals in all stages and can be potentially useful even after you have settled into your career.

Handshake, however, is strictly tailored to college students. Rather than focusing on social networking, Handshake, founded in 2014, was created specifically to connect college students with future employers. The platform is partnered with hundreds of universities and thousands of employers, creating a great deal of opportunity for its users (although it is available to any and all college students with an active student email, whether or not they are enrolled in a university that the platform is partnered with).

Handshake provides information and assistance to students by listing nearby job fairs, hosting online workshops, and even providing feedback on job applications. It takes away the potential hassle of online networking and the feeling of needing to keep up with one more social media platform, and instead makes finding college students their first job the main priority.

Both platforms provide tailored job listings based on the information you choose to provide, and both can be a helpful tool for college students in every stage.

When it comes to choosing between these two, it all comes down to your preference. To recap the main differences between the two, Handshake is specifically for university students, while LinkedIn is available to everyone. LinkedIn promotes an interactive social connectivity aspect, while Handshake leaves out the social media aspect and focuses on connecting college students to employers.

Whether you choose LinkedIn, Handshake, or some other job search platform, it is important to start building your portfolio and employee profile while you’re still a student. When you lay the ground work and complete the prep work early, finding your dream job will be so much easier. Ideally, when graduation comes, you’ll be ahead of the curve and transition easily from college student to career professional.

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